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Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that help advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics. Previously GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Cytiva’s diverse portfolio includes well-recognized brands such as ÄKTA, Amersham, Biacore, FlexFactory, HyClone, MabSelect, Whatman and Xcellerex. Cytiva brings speed, efficiency and capacity to research and manufacturing workflows, enabling the delivery of transformative medicines to patients. Visit for more.
作为全球生命科学领域的技术和服务供应商,Cytiva致力于推动未见技术,加速非凡疗法,从而实现创新疗法的可及,变革人类健康的未来。在GE医疗生命科学事业部奠定的坚实基础之上,Cytiva(思拓凡)拥有多样的产品组合,包括ÄKTA, Amersham, Biacore, FlexFactory, HyClone, MabSelect, Whatman和Xcellerex等知名产品品牌。Cytiva全面助力客户提升科学研究与工业化生产流程中的速度、效率与能力,赋能创新型药物的发展和生产,惠及全球患者。
Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application. Used by scientists and clinicians around the world, our technologies cover techniques of sample preparation, cell isolation, cell sorting, flow cytometry, and cell culture. Almost 30 years of expertise spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer. Miltenyi Biotec has more than 2,000 employees in 28 countries – all dedicated to helping researchers and clinicians make a greater impact on science and health.
As a trusted tool provider for clinicians and industry, from large to small, CliniMACS® Systems provide technologies and instruments to the clinic. From immuno-oncology, regenerative medicine, to graft engineering, you’ll find comprehensive solutions for numerous clinical settings.
Using CliniMACS Systems, cell products have been manufactured for all stages of clinical development - from discovery to IND submission and ongoing clinical trials. We are committed to supporting investigators with solutions that enable the clinical translation and practice of novel cell and gene therapies. This support includes products and services that extend the value beyond the device and consumables.
颇尔集团(Pall Corporation)为丹纳赫集团(纽约证券交易所代码:DHR)生命科学平台旗下运营公司。颇尔全球员工团结致力于解决客户在过滤、分离和纯化方面的挑战,并促进健康、安全与环保科技的进步。颇尔提供丰富的技术和解决方案,用于保障健康、保护关键运营资产、提高产品质量以及减少排放和浪费。颇尔的生命科学和工业团队专精于服务各类行业的众多客户,包括生物技术、制药、医疗、食品饮料、实验室、微电子、航空航天、燃油石化、化工、汽车和电力等。
Pall Corporation is an operating company within Danaher’s (NYSE: DHR) Life Sciences Platform. Pall associates around the world are unified by a singular drive: to solve our customers’ biggest filtration, separation and purification challenges. And, in doing so, advance health, safety and environmentally responsible technologies. Our industry-leading technologies and solutions are at work in countless applications, safeguarding health, protecting critical operating assets, improving product quality, and minimizing emissions and waste. Our Life Sciences and Industrial teams bring focused expertise to a diverse range of customers across multiple industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, laboratory, microelectronics, aerospace, fuels, petrochemical, chemical, automotive and power generation.
Pall (China) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Pall Corporation, has evolved from a specialized supplier of filtration products to the market leader of filtration, separation and purification solutions that serves a wide range of applications and industries after over 20 years of development in China. From R&D to manufacturing, from technical support to after-market services, from products to total solutions, Pall not only offers cutting-edge products and applications but also plays a pioneer role in leading technology, innovation and quality.
About Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with annual revenue exceeding $30 billion.
Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, improving patient diagnostics and therapies or increasing productivity in their laboratories, we are here to support them.
Our global team of more than 80,000 colleagues delivers an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and pharmaceutical services through our industry-leading brands, including Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services and Patheon. For more information, please visit
About Thermo Fisher Scientific China
Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co., Ltd has been operating in China for over 35 years. Headquartered in Shanghai, Thermo Fisher Scientific China has branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi’an, Nanjing, Wuhan, Jinan, and Dongguan with around 5,000 employees. Our products mainly include analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, chemical reagents, consumables, software and more; providing comprehensive laboratory solutions and serving customers across various industries.
In order to meet the local needs in China, we have established 8 manufacturing sites in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Guangzhou respectively. We also have 6 application centers and demo labs across the country which bring world-class technology and products with application development and training services to local customers. Lastly, we have the China Innovation Center in Shanghai and Suzhou, with over 100 scientists & engineers and more than 100 patents. China Innovation Center focuses on research and development supporting key vertical markets and develops products according to local demands with global advanced technologies. We have a nationwide maintenance network and China service training team, including over 2,800 professionals directly providing services for customers.
We are committed to enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. For more information, please visit
我们全球超过80,000名赛默飞员工将借助于一系列行业领先的品牌Thermo Scientific、Applied Biosystems、Invitrogen、Fisher Scientific、Unity Lab Services和Patheon,为客户提供领先的创新技术、便捷采购方案和全方位服务。欲了解更多信息,请浏览公司网站
As a leader in contract development and manufacturing, Lonza Pharma and Biotech is recognized for our reliable, high-quality services, global capacity, innovative technology platforms, and extensive experience. Our broad capabilities span biologics, small molecules, bioconjugates, and cell and gene therapies. We manage projects from pre-clinical stage through commercialization, and our expertise covers both drug substance and drug product. We believe that the outcome – for you and your patients – can only come as a results of successful collaboration. Together, we can bring your next medicine to life.
龍沙製藥與生物技術部門, 主要在服務並提供全球合約型訂製開發與製造生產, 讓相關製藥與生物技術公司可以爲病人帶來所需藥物.
從基因到最終藥物產品, 我們所提供的解決方案, 旨在簡化客戶的外包流程, 並滿足客戶所預期的可信結果.
我們的服務經驗十分廣泛, 包括新創性療法的商業化與各種藥物的製造. 我們將持續投資, 來解決當前的問題, 更為了幫客戶戰勝未來的挑戰.
我們將齊心協力, 期待爲您帶來全新的藥物.
GenScript ProBio is the biologics CDMO segment of GenScript, proactively providing end-to-end service from drug discovery to commercialization with proactive strategies, professional solutions and efficient processes in antibody drug and gene and cell therapy to accelerate drug development for customers.
GenScript ProBio’s innovative solutions for antibody drug development include antibody drug discovery (hybridoma, antibody library, fully human transgenic mice, bispecific antibodies technologies, single b cell screening technology), antibody engineering (antibody humanization, affinity maturation, Fc Engineering) and antibody characterization (analytics and bioassays). In terms of biologics development service, GenScript ProBio has built a regulatory-compliant platform, from stable cell line development, host cell license, process development, analytical development to clinical manufacturing services, providing fed-batch and perfusion process to accelerate IND process and high quality material for clinical trials. GenScript ProBio has successfully delivered multiple CMC and GMP manufacturing projects.
GenScript ProBio’s innovative solutions for antibody drug development include antibody drug discovery (hybridoma, antibody library, fully human transgenic mice, bispecific antibodies technologies, single b cell screening technology), antibody engineering (antibody humanization, affinity maturation, Fc Engineering) and antibody characterization (analytics and bioassays). In terms of biologics development service, GenScript ProBio has built a regulatory-compliant platform, from stable cell line development, host cell license, process development, analytical development to clinical manufacturing services, providing fed-batch and perfusion process to accelerate IND process and high quality material for clinical trials. GenScript ProBio has successfully delivered multiple CMC and GMP manufacturing projects.
GenScript ProBio’s total gene and cell therapy solution covers CMC of plasmid and virus for IND filing as well as clinical manufacturing and commercial manufacturing. Our quality management systems ensure phase appropriate compliance, data integrity and traceability. Toward the mission of “Innovation through Collaboration”, GenScript ProBio is committed to helping customers shorten the timeline for the development of biological drugs from discovery to commercialization, significantly lowering R&D costs and building a healthier future.
苏州博腾生物制药有限公司成立于2018 年12月,立足于苏州工业园区,以上市公司-重庆博腾制药科技股份有限公司(股票代码:300363)为依托,搭建了质粒,病毒载体和细胞治疗产品为一体的CDMO 平台,提供从早期研究、研究者发起的临床、新药临床试验申请(IND)、注册临床试验样品和商业化生产服务,加快药物研究转化进程。
Porton Biologics Ltd. (Portonbio) was established in 2018. Located in Suzhou Industrial Park, and as a subsidiary of Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd, PortonBio provides Gene and Cell Therapy CDMO service for innovators from the early stage, IND filling and even commercial production.
Based on the successful experience of Porton Pharma Solution Ltd, Portonbio will take the international team as the core, adhere to the service concept of “Customer First and Excellence Always”, and take full advantage of high-level technology and equipment to create high-end biological and CDMO platform. Portonbio pursues to become a reliable partner for global pharmaceuticals and biotech companies.
宜明(北京)细胞生物科技有限公司(简称:宜明细胞)成立于2015年10月,是一家致力于基因治疗和细胞治疗技术的开发和应用、能够为基因治疗产业化提供整体解决方案的研发生产型生物技术公司。宜明细胞专家团队为来自美国国立卫生研究院癌症研究所、哈佛大学、霍普金斯大学、马里兰大学、加拿大哥伦比亚大学(UBC)等国际知名院校的教授和研究员,在细胞治疗及基因治疗领域拥有十余年的产业经验。 宜明细胞已建成的济南基地GMP厂房面积达2600㎡,洁净度达到C+A标准,灌装采用绝对A级隔离,并邀请了GMP体系专家全职进行GMP体系建设,按照法规要求建有独立的质粒生产平台、病毒包装平台、细胞培养平台、细胞库平台等,并拥有涵盖生化、微生物、化学的质量检测平台,并实现完全的物理隔离,各平台拥有独立通风系统,全面降低交叉污染的风险。 宜明细胞即将于2021年建成投产的苏州基地GMP新厂房面积达9000㎡,全方位提高GMP级质粒、慢病毒、AAV、腺病毒等产品的产能,全面服务整个行业。 我们邀请了 GMP 体系专家进行 GMP 体系建设,全方位确保为您生产的临床用质粒、临床用病毒等产品符合基因 治疗 IND 申报及新药申报的 GMP 法规要求,降低新药研发的成本、加快新药上市的进度。 宜明细胞定位于生物与健康产业,坚持以成为生物医药的引领者、生命科学的推动者为使命,以推动研发国人用 得起的新型生物药为己任,让包括基因治疗和细胞治疗的药物惠及更多的患者。

查士利华微生物应用技术(上海)有限公司是Charles River的全资子公司,致力于为客户提供尖端的微生物应用技术,以满足制药、家居、个人护理行业多样化需求。我们独一无二的Endosafe®内毒素检测,Celsis®快速微生物检测和Accugenix®微生物鉴定三大品牌业务组合,确保您的生产运营高效,顺畅,降低生产成本,保护公司声誉。
Charles River Microbial Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Charles River Laboratories Inc. The Microbial Solutions portfolio from Charles River brings you progressive products and services that deliver accurate, relevant, and reliable data to fuel confident decisions on product quality and contamination control. Our unique combination of Endosafe® endotoxin testing, Celsis® rapid microbial detection, and Accugenix® microbial identification and strain typing keeps your manufacturing operations running efficiently and smoothly, lowers your cost to manufacture, and protects your reputation.
序祯达生物科技是中国领先的多组学研究和临床服务提供商,致力于基因组学、蛋白组学和其他相关服务。本着以研究为首任,以客户为中心的宗旨,支持药物研发企业进行药物筛选、生物标记物发现和临床试验。 序祯达生物科技提供按照CLIA/CAP标准验证的多样化基因组学和蛋白组学检测,包括基因分型和基因表达qPCR检测,NGS检测和蛋白质生物标志物检测。
其中最具特色的检测包括FoundationOne CDx、用于组织和ctDNA的Illumina TSO500、10x Genomics单细胞解决方案、Olink Target 96/48、Olink Explore 1536/384,及宏基因组、mRNA、smRNA、全基因组和外显子组测序等,并可根据项目需求提供定制化检测
Mission Bio is a life sciences company that accelerates discoveries and cures in oncology by equipping researchers with the tools they need to improve how we measure and predict our resistance and response to cancer therapies. Mission Bio’s multi-omics approach improves time-to-market for new therapeutics, including innovative cell and gene therapies that provide new pathways to health. Founded in 2014, Mission Bio has secured investment from Novo Growth, Cota Capital, Agilent Technologies, Mayfield Fund, and others.
The company’s Tapestri Platform gives researchers around the globe the power to interrogate every molecule in a cell together, providing a comprehensive understanding of activity from a single sample. Tapestri is the only commercialized multi-omics platform capable of analyzing DNA and protein simultaneously, from the same sample at single-cell resolution. The Tapestri Platform is being utilized by customers at leading research centers, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics companies around the world to develop treatments and eventually cures for cancer and other rare diseases. To learn more, visit
恺佧生物(Kactus Biosystems)是一家以研发为驱动的创新型蛋白抗体类国际化生物高科技公司,主要专注于免疫治疗和诊断市场。专属的新型功能重组蛋白和抗体研发生产平台 (Structure Aided Design and Multiplex Screening ,SAMS™), 服务于全球创新药研发企业客户,提供基于结构设计的功能靶点蛋白,包括膜蛋白及展示其功能结构域和表位的重组蛋白,通过独特的技术及生产体系,高效率、高成功率地解决和突破技术困难,满足了客户的需求。
Kactus Biosystems was founded in Shanghai, China, and strives to be a world-class biotech company to serve global biopharma and diagnostics customers.
● We focus on delivering protein and antibody products and technologies for immune therapy and IVD customers
● We have innovative product development strategies and world-class commercial operations We are solving unmet needs for antigen protein in drug discovery
● Bioactivity Issue: No bioactivity / No activity on cell based assay
● Batch-to-Batch Consistency
● Poor Immunogenicity
● Unavailable, Commercial Antigens: Transmembrane Proteins: GPCR, CD20, etc.
● Cost Effective, Highly Bioactive Enzymes: Capping Enzyme (mRNA transfection & therapeutics)
● Protein / Antibody Engineering Consultation
上海外高桥生物医药园——自贸壹号生命科技产业园(Simbay Park),是星北集团(Simbay Group)旗下专注于医疗企业孵化培育转化的创新服务型产业园。园区依托天然的【自贸+保税】外向型经济区域优势,以合理的空间配置、优美的自然环境及独特的生物医药产业服务,聚焦创新药物、生物技术及创新疗法、高端医疗器械等领域的研发、转化与制造,打造了独特的生物医药“CRO+CDMO+CSO+Capital+CHO(人力资源)+CMO(品牌营销)+EHS(合规管理)”全方位服务平台。园区总规划面积50万平米,一期10万㎡已开放,近100家生物科技创新项目已入驻,现已发展成为新兴国际化生物医药生态园区,为辉大基因、星奕昂、西湖生物、晶泰科技、齐鲁干细胞、维通利华等代表企业创造了高价值及服务。
自动化设备平台核心产品CellSep PRO是国产唯一上市的全封闭自动化细胞处理系统,适用于多种细胞治疗产品的标准化生产,包括CART、TCR-T、NK、骨髓干细胞等。
Eurekabio is an R&D enterprise which biotechnology combines with automation technology. Eurekabio focuses on the research of core technology and craft from the field of cellular and genetic therapy.
Our goal: The using of life science and multiple subject intercross-amalgamation achieve cellular and genetic therapy including core technology and craft study. Moreover, this intercross-amalgamation promotes biotechnology research into the era of automation and information.
Our vision: supporting an approach of cancer immunotherapy which is controllable cost and stability in the high level of automation, accretion and individuation.
Eurekabio has three main technologic types of research and development including automation equipment, biotechnology, and biomation. CellSep PRO, an automation product, is the only one automated fully enclosed cellular processing system on the Chinese market. CellSep PRO uses in the standardized production of multiple cellular therapies including CART, TCR-T, NK and bone marrow stem cells, etc.
EuLV system, the first biotechnology product in the world, used technology to produce cell strain and lentivirus vector stability. The production of lentivirus vectors in the EuLV system is more 100-400 times efficient than that in standard condition. Furthermore, EuLV system does not only improve the quality and quantity of virus vectors, but also reduce preparation cost significantly.
CPC - Colder Products Company, is the leader in single-use connection technology offering a wide variety of cell and gene therapy connection solutions that ensure ease of use and a robust connection. Single-use technologies (SUT) saves time and labor during set-up and between cycles, by eliminating steps, costs of cleaning, sterilization; and eliminating cross-contaminations between batches. CPC connectors have been tested and validated to comply with accepted industry standards; for mechanical strength; extractables and leachables; bacterial ingress and others. Learn more about the AseptiQuik connectors and our entire portfolio at to help you to connect with confidence.
云舟生物科技(广州)有限公司创建于2014年3月,是一家集研发、生产及线上销售基因载体的创新型公司,主营业务为基因载体构建产品和相关衍生产品(其中包括病毒包装、蛋白表达纯化等业务 )及技术服务,以及基于基因治疗临床药物的CDMO业务,涉及全线的工艺开发及生产过程,技术领域涵括分子克隆、细胞生物、蛋白表达纯化及生物信息等。云舟生物自主开发出全球第一款基因载体免费智能设计平台——VectorBuilder(,即“载体家”,实现了基因载体构建技术的商业化及规模化生产,为广大科研学者提供标准化的基因载体构建服务。云舟生物立足中国,面向全球,将携手全球每一个科研机构、生物制药公司共同致力于基因治疗药物研究,让基因药物治疗不再是奢望。
As a global pioneer in custom DNA vectors and recombinant viruses, VectorBuilder’s revolutionary online-to-offline (O2O) platform provides a powerful one-stop solution to all the vector and virus needs in the life sciences. VectorBuilder has a wide spectrum of offerings, including: Vector design, Custom cloning, Virus packaging, Library construction, BAC recombineering, Mutagenesis, Stable cell line generation and more. Additionally, our state-of-the-art GMP facilities provide GMP-grade vector manufacturing for a wide range of clinical applications. VectorBuilder has delivered hundreds of thousands of custom vectors and recombinant viruses to tens of thousands of researchers in universities and companies across the world, and has received numerous citations in high-impact scientific publications. VectorBuilder’s highly innovative online platform that combines sophisticated yet intuitive vector design capabilities with streamlined online ordering has won multiple awards. Since our initial market launch in 2014, VectorBuilder has grown at an explosive pace to become the world's largest provider of custom vectors and recombinant viruses. Try VectorBuilder ( today and supercharge your research!
PackGene Biotech, as an international AAV packaging supplier (one of the largest in the world), started up in Massachusetts. PackGene focuses on services of the rAAV-based gene therapy CDMO-from plasmid to rAAV in clinical-grade, rAAV packaging in research-grade, lentivirus packaging, vector cloning, etc. Our services aim to provide efficient, cost-effective, high-quality viral delivery solutions for gene and cell therapy, as well as clinical trials at various scale levels. PackGene has been building up its reputation by First-class Quality · Efficient Supply · Assured Service.
派真生物是一家专注于基因治疗载体生产与服务的国家高新技术企业,一直以“让老百姓用得起基因治疗”作为公司使命,以基因治疗研发与产业化过程中的挑战——“rAAV血清型开发、病毒包装及GMP规 模化生产”作为业务引擎,以稳定、高效、经济的特色服务与技术服务加速全球范围内基因与细胞治疗开发、临床研究与商业化进程,打造具有全球影响力的基因治疗明星技术品牌!公司建立了高水平病毒载体开发与规模化生产平台,在快速、高纯度、高滴度、高感染力的 rAAV生产及病毒包装方面拥有核心知识产权,在载体构建、病毒包装、临床级质粒和AAV生产上积累了丰富经验,熟悉FDA、ICH和NMPA等对基因疗法制品的规范要求。
谱新生物,定位于拥有产业化核心技术的细胞与基因治疗药物CDMO企业。公司整体由细胞治疗领军企业-深圳普瑞金生物药业有限公司的CDMO业务分拆后独立运营。公司股东包括国家中小企业发展基金、中科院控股国科嘉和基金、海尔医疗、华邦健康、湖南健康养老基金等,公司总部位于美丽的太湖之滨-苏州市吴中区,注册资本1亿元。公司拥有苏州总部(7000m2 GMP厂房)、郑州基地(7000m2 GMP厂房在建),初步形成全国布局的生产基地网络布局。 江苏谱新聚焦于细胞与基因治疗药物领域,搭建了核酸类产品工艺开发平台、悬浮无血清病毒培养平台和全封闭的细胞工艺开发平台,打造了从药物发现到产品交付的高速公路。平台已支持多个合作伙伴成功孵化了多款CAR-T、TCR-T、干细胞、mRNA等药物,致力于让更多项目更早更快地达到下一里程碑,把更多细胞与基因治疗药物推向市场,造福更多患者,谱写细胞与基因治疗中国新。
法罗斯疫苗(“法罗斯”)株式会社是一家具有开拓精神的生物科技创新公司,利用法罗斯先进的技术平台,尖端灵活的设备设施和专业团队,致力于开发针对人类肿瘤和难以治愈性疾病的创新性生物疗法。 法罗斯基于包括细胞工艺,慢病毒载体系统(CAR-T*/TCR-T*)和蛋白质工程等技术平台,专注开发针对各种肿瘤和难以治愈性疾病的细胞和基因疗法。
从长远来看,法罗斯有着清晰的、令人信服且可实现的愿景,即“作为全球细胞和基因治疗与疫苗领域的领导者,打造生物制药行业新典范”。 为了实现这个愿景,法罗斯正沿着正确的轨道前进,并确立了三大战略:一是通过成功募集资金来激发公司未来的增长动力;二是建立,启用了拥有先进仪器设备的全新研发中心和GMP生产平台;并以不懈的努力,与全球法罗斯的合作伙伴一起推动CAR-T疗法的IND和NDA。
Pharos Vaccine is a pioneering BIO venture company, leading the development of innovative biotherapeutics for human cancers and incurable diseases with relevant platform technologies, state-of-the-art and flexible facilities, equipment and human capabilities.
Pharos Vaccine concentrates on the development of cellular and gene therapy for various cancers and incurable diseases on the platform technologies including Cell Processing, Lentiviral Vector System (CAR-T* & TCR-T**) and Protein Engineering. Pharos Vaccine is pioneering the way of commercialization of cutting- edge biomedicines, in which genetic cell therapy represents, for curing various cancers and incurable diseases including leukemia, lymphoma, liver cancer, heart failure post AMI by using tumor-specific T-cells, chimeric antigen receptor T-cells and dendritic cells.
Long-term wise, Pharos Vaccine has a clear, compelling and achievable vision of ‘Lighting the New Paradigm of Vaccine as Global Leader in Vaccine and Therapies’. To realize the vision, Pharos Vaccine is going on the right track with three strategic pillars – one is to trigger developing company’s future growth drivers by successfully gaining needed funds, the other is to relocate to the new office building with own GMP facility and equipment set up, and the last one is to complete filing for IND of CAR-T therapy within the year and afterwards acquire NDA of the therapy in Korea in a relentless manner.
上海曼博生物医药科技有限公司,集中在为肿瘤/免疫,抗体药物研发,干细胞/细胞治疗/基因治疗领域客户提供尖端小众创新产品,包括提供商业授权灵活的CHO工程细胞株,以支持抗体药物商业化生产;以及提供从Research grade到cGMP等级的非动物源培养基质,基因编辑工具,病毒载体,转染试剂,病毒转导试剂等产品和定制服务,支持ATMP(Advance Therapy Medicinal Products)药物研发从R&D到Clinical trial以及后期商业化的无缝转化。
Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading international provider of integrated solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. With our extensive portfolio of products, technologies and services, we cover wide areas of the biopharmaceutical process chain, ranging from fermentation, cell cultivation, filtration and purification to media storage and transportation. In process filtration, fermentation and fluid management, our company holds leading positions in the markets it serves across the globe. Our single-use products that have meanwhile become established in nearly all process steps are playing an increasingly important role in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. As a result, we help our customers produce biological medications and vaccines safely and efficiently.
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is dedicated to improving the health of people around the world. The company’s global leadership and world-class service and support delivers sophisticated instrument systems, reagents and services to life science researchers in academic and commercial laboratories, enabling new discoveries in biology-based research and development. A leader in centrifugation and flow cytometry, Beckman Coulter has long been an innovator in life sciences instruments and solutions used at the forefront of important areas of investigation, including genomics, proteomics and cellular research.
Marken is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UPS Healthcare division. With Polar Speed and Marken included, the UPS Healthcare division staffs 128 locations with 5500 employees worldwide. Marken offers a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant depot network and logistic hubs for clinical drug product storage and distribution in 56 locations worldwide, while maintaining the leading position for Direct to Patient and Home Health care services, biological sample shipments and biological kit production. Marken’s dedicated 1300 staff members manage 85,000 drug product and biological sample shipments every month at all temperature ranges in more than 220 countries. Additional services such as ancillary material sourcing, storage and distribution, shipment lane verification and qualifications, as well as GDP, regulatory and compliance consultancy add to Marken’s unique position in the pharma and logistics industry.
BioDuro-Sundia, an Advent International portfolio company, is a leading contract research, development and manufacturing organization (CRDMO) that provides biopharmaceutical partners with fully integrated services to support drug discovery, development and manufacturing for both drug substance and drug product. The company is the industry’s third largest, with major operations in China and the US—featuring more than 2,000 employees and 10 global sites.
Core expertise includes small and large molecule discovery, development and scale up, support for IND submission, and unique technology platforms such as bioavailability enhancement of insoluble compounds. The company has research sites, as well as GMP manufacturing facilities in both China and the US. The one-stop-shop operation helps biopharma partners across the globe to significantly accelerate discovery and de-risk development to create higher value outcomes.
Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical Services (Yantai) Co., Ltd is a 100% holding company of Johnson Matthey Group, and is a part of our Innovator business unit in Health Sector. Along with the JM global network in Pharma Services, Chiral Technology and API business, JM Yantai site has an established a strong team in R&D and management based on easily accessible raw material and sufficient talent pool which allow us to supply tailored technology, process R&D services, advanced intermediate and API production for high-end innovator pharmaceutical clients.
Milestone Pharma is a third-party technical service company that provides one-stop solutions for drug quality research and product release testing services. Milestone Pharma has three independent quality control laboratories in Nanjing Medicine Valley, Shanghai Zhangjiang Medicine Valley and Shanghai International Medical Zone , covering a layout area of more than 5,000 square meters. Milestone Pharma has established an integrated drug quality control procedures to support drug registration application and drug product release in compliance with cGMP and CNAS quality systems. We provide technical services including drug quality study, genotoxic impurity study, packaging material compatibility study (extractables and leachables), elemental impurity study, biological drug process residue study, DMF filing, generic drug consistency evaluation in compliance with global drug regulations.
Adhering to the concept of "specialty, innovation, cooperation and responsibility", we continuously strengthen on the improvement of capability, quality system and talent teams. We aim to provide customers with efficient, high-quality and well-compliant technical services with professional technical teams and GMP quality system.The quality of human health and pharmaceutical industry, we care and endeavor!
HitGen is a rapidly growing biotech company with headquarters based in Chengdu, China, with a subsidiary in the USA. HitGen has established an industry-leading platform for early-stage drug discovery research centred on DNA encoded chemical libraries (DELs). HitGen’s DELs include encoded syntheses for hundreds of billions of novel, diverse, drug-like small molecule and macrocycle compounds. These compounds are members of DELs synthesised from many hundreds of distinct chemical scaffolds, designed and assembled with tractable chemistry based on proven results for identifying drug-like leads against biological targets from known and novel classes. HitGen is working with multiple pharmaceutical and biotech companies, foundations and research institutes in North America, Europe and Asia to discover and develop novel therapeutics of the future.
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